Coronavirus: For sex workers there is no money to send home

  • Julia MASIMA
  • February 11th, 2021 - 3 secs read 1 min, 0 secs read

For sex workers there is no money to send home

With curfew and social distance rules in place, sex workers have seen their income disappear almost overnight as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

WHY IS IT IMPORTANT? Sex work is illegal in Botswana but we know it creates employment for scores of Batswana young women and illegal immigrants.

HOW BAD IS THE SITUATION? Much like other vocations, social distancing and curfews have exposed vulnerabilities in every business. The curfew restrictions means that businesses close early and no one is allowed in the streets. This means that sex workers can no longer line up the streets at night clubs where they meet their clients.

HOW ARE THEY COPING? NGOs such as Sisonke have been supplying food hampers to sex workers especially during the lockdown in April last year.

HOW ELSE ARE THEY SURVIVING? The ones we spoke to anonymously told us that COVID-19 has taught them to be innovative hence they make use of social media platforms as a way of keeping in touch with their clients. They remain hopeful that they do not contract the virus as they try to fend for themselves to feed their families.

  • Sisonke is a non-governmental organization which advocates for the rights of sex workers.




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