About Us

We live in a world of information overload and shrinking attention spans. Audiences spend less than 36 seconds on a webpage (according to a 2019 research by Chartbeat) and struggle to keep abreast with changes unfolding before them.

Audience need content that is broken down and narrated with true experience that tells them what really matters and summarized in a shareable element. Audience also needs to engage with news content in formats that better fit their habits and contexts and technology, and better meet their user needs. That is why our editorial is designed around a simple notion that stories should be delivered in the clearest and most efficient experience instead of long-winded pieces that take too long to get to the point. INK24 filters out the noise of the news cycle and deliver concise digestible stories that audience can relate with. We are driven by the commitment to deliver reader experience never seen before.

Our Contacts

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P O Box 1972 AAD Poso House
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